Design Tips/Tricks – Make Your Small Room Look BIGGER

This is close to home for me. I have recently purchased a house with my fiance. We are currently in the buying furniture and decorating stage. Now that we are looking at the rooms differently, each room feels so much smaller than we thought. Now, mind you, I purchased an older 2.5 storey house. It was built roughly in the late 1920’s – early 1930’s. The rooms are generally smaller than most rooms in a newer home. Each room is a good size, no complaints, but when you start to add furniture, drapery, and decorative items, things start to feel like they are shrinking around you.

That is why I find this list of 10 tips/tricks on How to Make a Small Space Look Bigger extremely helpful. Some of the tips are obvious, but the reminder, for me at least, is needed. Check out Let me know which of the 10 tricks you weren’t aware would help you maximize the square footage of your small space.



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