Hot Market in Hamilton = Big Changes

This quote from the CBC online article says it all — In the last five years, “local attitudes — the way Hamiltonians think about the prospects for their city, especially the downtown — have changed,” he said. “There’s a lot of belief in the possibility of revival.”

The hype in Hamilton’s change is being felt not just in Hamilton, but in the surrounding areas and it is this reason, as well as low mortgage rates that we here in the Hamilton House market can feel the change. Its FANTASTIC!

I am born and raised in Hamilton’s west end. As a child, I loved the city. As I aged, I felt like there were a million other places I would rather be than in the Hammer. I have traveled the world, and now that I am back and happily settled in Hamilton, I am in love with my city once again. I have hope for this prospecting revival of my ‘Steel Town’. I believe others feel the same.

Have a read – SOLD! How a hot real estate market is changing Hamilton

This article is a couple days old now, but it is worth another read as we head into a couple outstanding festival weekends here in the city.

Locke Street Festival is tomorrow, Sept 7, in Hamilton’s most popular neighbourhood. Local vendors line the street while people eat, drink, shop, and listen to some of Hamilton’s local talents on stage. Next weekend Sept 13 & 14 is Supercrawl! This is the festival that truly displays the change in the city. James Street North shuts down and the galleries, shops, and eateries are swarmed with people from Hamilton and beyond. Last year’s attendance was incredible and I would suspect the same will occur this year, especially when you look at the line-up of artists playing the many stages down the street.

Have a read or come join the festival fun and see what Hamilton has to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if more out-of-towners end up consider Hamilton for their next home purchase.


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