This Housing Alternative is Inspiring!

I work as full time as a Realtor in the ambitious city of Hamilton. In the little time I have been in the industry (in my 4th year now), I have seen the market change. Historically, we still have low interest rates, which is great for buyers coming into the marketplace. But buying a house is expensive and life can and usually must change to accommodate. I have many first time buyers who don’t want to over spend and fret over costs. As much as I try to ease their concerns, in all reality, a house is a money pit. You must get used to it. It is a joy to be a homeowner, but it comes with a price, frankly MONEY!

So, would you consider a dramatic alternative such as this 31yr old web design in America? I think this gentleman’s idea is fantastic! I find it inspiring! I love living in my 2.5 storey, 1921 build house, but I could also envision a simpler life as he has, where you can live simply, and debt free.

Therefore, I truly want to know if you would consider such a housing alternative? Read the article, view the photos and let me know what you think.



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