PUMPKIN Carving Contest

It is my favourite time of year! I love autumn and who wouldn’t in this wonderful country, which does often have 4 true seasons. The changing leaves make every drive, walk, and/or hike gorgeous. Then there are the holidays that occur during this time of year – Thanksgiving & Halloween. I am a turkey monster and Thanksgiving is a great time to spend with family, friends, and the star being Mr. Turkey!! I eat my fill. Though Thanksgiving is wonderful and I am truly thankful for it and all that its treats, Halloween is what I truly wait for every year. I love planning my costume! I love decorating my house! And I LOVE pumpkin carving! Yes, LOVE! I thought I would share my love of Halloween with my clients. I run a pumpkin carving contest exclusively with clients and any of the amazing people in my life who are kind enough to refer me real estate business. This year is my 3rd annual contest. So far, things are running well. Deliveries are in the works. To remind my clients of the event I decided to send out a video.


This is my first ever video! I apologize for its lack of professional feel. I wanted it to be raw and straight from me. Well, I do hope I can improve upon my comfort level and delivery. Please watch and get a giggle at least. If the contest and what I do through my client appreciation program interests you, give me a call/email/post or let your friends, family, or co-works know of my service. I am never too busy for a real estate referral *wink*.

Happy soon-to-be-Halloween!


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