Start 2015 with Good News about HAMILTON, Ontario

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 has arrived! Where did 2014 go? No matter. Shake off 2014, begin those New Year’s resolutions, and get back to work. Or, continue to work away, in my case.

I found myself working throughout the ‘Christmas Break’. I am married to a teacher, so I felt entitled to 2 weeks off to spend with him, but that’s not real estate. My career and work hours are not ‘typical’. The real estate market in Hamilton has not cooled off, like our temperatures. 2015 is expected to be no different. So, for my first post of the year, I thought I would simply share all the good news coming out of The Hammer.

Off the top, you should read the CBC Hamilton article Boom town: Hamilton housing predicted to stay hot in 2015. ‘Hamilton was the tightest market in the country all year.’– Doug Porter, chief economist, BMO Financial Group within the article. We expect it to continue in this way. Hamilton is a great place to live and invest and is truly HOT, quoting the article, of course. Best to join the party early. Also, select the links at the end of the article for further reading. These are related pieces discussing the Hamilton condo market boom and much more.

People still view Hamilton as a gritty, steel-milled, stink hole. Growing up, I recall friends calling my hometown the ‘armpit of Ontario’. Okay, we are not shiny or smell like roses, and maybe we never will. We are a working-class community trying to clean-up. But, you cannot deny the changes that are coming and are HERE! Gentrification is giving our downtown new life. For the full read, have a gander at the Globe and Mail’s article How Hamilton is revitalizing its downtown to bring new life.

To sum it up, you need to investigate our ambitious city for yourself. See it and Hear it – Have a stroll down James Street North, Locke St South, or Ottawa Street North and the character homes in and around it. Taste it –  Then, I would highly recommend you visit one or more of the top restaurants in our city. Huffington Post’s article Best Hamilton Restaurants: Where To Eat In The Hammer is the perfect guide. Experience the difference.

Finally, after you have warmed-up to Hamilton, come invest! Give me a call, shoot me an email, or post a reply, and we can discuss your real estate options here in my hometown – Hamilton (saying it proud with a mighty fist up to accompany the cheer)!

All the best to you in 2015! There is much more to come from this proud Hamiltonian.


Hamilton – Ambitious City

Hey! You know what?!? Hamilton is awesome and its videos like this that make me want to shout it from the roof tops!

Too often I find myself defending my hometown to others who reside in the GTA. Its tiring, but its necessary. When I come across little gems like this I need to brag about the efforts being made to turn this place around!

Watch this and remember this is a city full of history and its trending in the right direction thanks to many efforts of many people!

Can you tell I am a proud Hamiltonian?

NO Bubble to Burst


2013 is going to be a great year, I can feel it. Not everyone is feeling the same way in regards to the Canadian real estate market. There is panic of a housing bubble ready to pop. This is NOT the case. I read an article on that does a excellent job of explaining what is happening in the Canadian market and I wanted to share it with you. I think this will help clear-up any concerns people should have.

No need to panic!

ATTN: Gen X & Gen Y Home Buyers

As per Zillow Blog, “According to a recent survey, people who belong to the Generation X and Generation Y demographics haven’t been deterred by the housing market downturn at all.”

Such a true fact. We have experienced a seller’s market for the past year and those buyers were largely composed of the X & Y Generation. Will it be a seller’s market again in the Hamilton/Burlington area? I am not sure as of yet, but the Zillow blog, despite having American content, does provide some great tips for Gen X & Gen Y buyers who are still looking at purchasing in 2013.

Read the tips for yourself (my favourite is obviously ‘Don’t assume you Don’t need a Real Estate Agent’!!!)

Tips for Gen X & Y Buyers