Start 2015 with Good News about HAMILTON, Ontario

HAPPY NEW YEAR! 2015 has arrived! Where did 2014 go? No matter. Shake off 2014, begin those New Year’s resolutions, and get back to work. Or, continue to work away, in my case.

I found myself working throughout the ‘Christmas Break’. I am married to a teacher, so I felt entitled to 2 weeks off to spend with him, but that’s not real estate. My career and work hours are not ‘typical’. The real estate market in Hamilton has not cooled off, like our temperatures. 2015 is expected to be no different. So, for my first post of the year, I thought I would simply share all the good news coming out of The Hammer.

Off the top, you should read the CBC Hamilton article Boom town: Hamilton housing predicted to stay hot in 2015. ‘Hamilton was the tightest market in the country all year.’– Doug Porter, chief economist, BMO Financial Group within the article. We expect it to continue in this way. Hamilton is a great place to live and invest and is truly HOT, quoting the article, of course. Best to join the party early. Also, select the links at the end of the article for further reading. These are related pieces discussing the Hamilton condo market boom and much more.

People still view Hamilton as a gritty, steel-milled, stink hole. Growing up, I recall friends calling my hometown the ‘armpit of Ontario’. Okay, we are not shiny or smell like roses, and maybe we never will. We are a working-class community trying to clean-up. But, you cannot deny the changes that are coming and are HERE! Gentrification is giving our downtown new life. For the full read, have a gander at the Globe and Mail’s article How Hamilton is revitalizing its downtown to bring new life.

To sum it up, you need to investigate our ambitious city for yourself. See it and Hear it – Have a stroll down James Street North, Locke St South, or Ottawa Street North and the character homes in and around it. Taste it –  Then, I would highly recommend you visit one or more of the top restaurants in our city. Huffington Post’s article Best Hamilton Restaurants: Where To Eat In The Hammer is the perfect guide. Experience the difference.

Finally, after you have warmed-up to Hamilton, come invest! Give me a call, shoot me an email, or post a reply, and we can discuss your real estate options here in my hometown – Hamilton (saying it proud with a mighty fist up to accompany the cheer)!

All the best to you in 2015! There is much more to come from this proud Hamiltonian.


The Hamilton Royal Connaught!

Downtown Hamilton’s gem, The Royal Connaught, sadly closed its doors in 2004. In 2014, as of this week in fact, the Royal Connaught has become the city’s gem once again and is now allowing for the purchase of its first block of condos.  Yes, this 1916 building boasts 700 suites and has an approximate occupancy of 2016. You can own a piece of Hamilton history!

The Royal Connaught is not only a famous landmark but it is now a true symbol of the revival downtown Hamilton and in the city itself.

I hope to feast my eyes on the stunning art deco lobby this weekend and get a glimpse of the model units and their purchase prices. If you can not make it down to see the beauty in person, here is a 360 degree view of the lobby thanks to Microsoft Photosynth 3D. The Hamilton Spectator has also provided a great article on the new, old Royal Connaught for more insight into the development.

Proud Hamiltonian signing off!

Spring has Sprung

April has arrived! I find this is the month where the weather truly changes (it may only be a couple weeks of above 0 degree temperatures and rain, but then its like BOOM summer) and we all start cleaning to welcome the fresh new season. I am feeling the cleaning bug at the moment myself. I spent a couple hours last weekend clearing the garden, washing the windows and making the exterior of my property look spring ready. Has the cleaning bug bit you yet? If so, here is a very helpful MASTER LIST to help you organize and tackle your spring clean.

I also find that April musters up a real estate bug amongst consumers. In all honestly, anytime of the year is a great time to buy or sell property, but come spring everyone’s mind set does change, which brings with it a typically busy spring market in most areas. Here in Hamilton, it is no different. If you have been waiting to sell until now, here are some Valuable Pieces of Information straight from Coldwell Banker.

Now, within those 10 pieces of information, tips #6 grabs my attention: Providing your Realtor with details about outdoor features. The exterior of your property is just as important at the interior. Why not stage your exterior too? I think its a fantastic idea to speak with your Realtor about highlighting the outdoor features as much as the indoor features. It is spring! Who wouldn’t want to play in the sun now that you can finally toss their winter coat into storage? So, get a head start and do some homework on your own and review the 6 Staging Secrets for your property before sell.

Spring is a renewal! Nature comes back to life. The real estate market is kinda the same. So, if you are interested in buying or selling in the Greater Hamilton area, don’t hesitate to contact me: your real estate consultant for life!


Community Events – Christmas is in the Air….Already?

With only a week till Halloween and our Hamilton Spectator is preparing the community for the dozens of Christmas Bazaars. Advertised in the Tuesday Oct 22 paper, there is a list that is expanded further on the site. From October 25 right until December 7, people can shop for arts, crafts, and homemade ANYTHING for the holiday season. I am all for supporting our community (I help my mother at the Canadian Martyr’s Parish sale every year **Nov. 22 & 23 – located 38 Emerson St. Friday, 4 to 8 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.**), but Halloween hasn’t even passed. Well, I will wait till after Halloween before I start worrying about my Christmas shopping, but for those who like to plan ahead, enjoy the Christmas Bazaar List from The Spec.Com for the list of dates, locations, and a helpful map.

Happy Halloween!! Oh, and have a Merry Christmas (early)!

Hot Market in Hamilton = Big Changes

This quote from the CBC online article says it all — In the last five years, “local attitudes — the way Hamiltonians think about the prospects for their city, especially the downtown — have changed,” he said. “There’s a lot of belief in the possibility of revival.”

The hype in Hamilton’s change is being felt not just in Hamilton, but in the surrounding areas and it is this reason, as well as low mortgage rates that we here in the Hamilton House market can feel the change. Its FANTASTIC!

I am born and raised in Hamilton’s west end. As a child, I loved the city. As I aged, I felt like there were a million other places I would rather be than in the Hammer. I have traveled the world, and now that I am back and happily settled in Hamilton, I am in love with my city once again. I have hope for this prospecting revival of my ‘Steel Town’. I believe others feel the same.

Have a read – SOLD! How a hot real estate market is changing Hamilton

This article is a couple days old now, but it is worth another read as we head into a couple outstanding festival weekends here in the city.

Locke Street Festival is tomorrow, Sept 7, in Hamilton’s most popular neighbourhood. Local vendors line the street while people eat, drink, shop, and listen to some of Hamilton’s local talents on stage. Next weekend Sept 13 & 14 is Supercrawl! This is the festival that truly displays the change in the city. James Street North shuts down and the galleries, shops, and eateries are swarmed with people from Hamilton and beyond. Last year’s attendance was incredible and I would suspect the same will occur this year, especially when you look at the line-up of artists playing the many stages down the street.

Have a read or come join the festival fun and see what Hamilton has to offer. I wouldn’t be surprised if more out-of-towners end up consider Hamilton for their next home purchase.