2015 – The Year of (more) Renovations

My husband and I have been living in our 1921 built home in Hamilton’s Gage Park area since spring 2013. We bought this house because it met all our needs and wants, including the fact my 6ft 4inch husband could stand in the basement and attic with EXTRA Head Space. That seems funny to some, but that matters when it comes to an old home. You don’t get that much!! There is 2.5 storeys of space, character, oh….and renovations. Like most first time buyers, we wanted to get our hands dirty. We wanted to make this house our home. Granted, we got help along the way, as we are both not overly handy, but it is still the joy of remodelling a house just for you.

Our house was used for many years as a duplex. The previous owner had started transforming the house back into a single family property. They did a good amount of work (not the best quality work). We, with the help of our families and contractors, have been renovating since we took possession. Now, I am sorry that I never posted/blogged during our first 6 weeks of renovations. I can let you know that we completed the attic space from bare flooring and visible roof rents, to a cosy living space (that we still need to furnish). We gutted the 2nd level bathroom. We now have new drywall, tub, vanity, the works! We even tore apart the basement; but that is a future project that you will see down the road via this blog. The house also got a full face lift – refinished flooring (that is to die for) and paint throughout the house.

You are now up to date!

I can happily inform you that 2015 is our year to tackle more renovations. I will share with you, my readers, all the trials, demolition, and bliss of remodeling my house. February marks the beginning of our kitchen remodel. I am over the moon excited to have a new kitchen that isn’t falling apart before my eyes.

But, before the posts commence, I wanted to share some information I found on remodeling costs, time frames, and tips. I hope to keep you in the loop of how long my renovations take, where I found the best bang for my buck etc. These articles shed some light on things you may not have considered or known. I found them helpful and I hope you do too.

First off, the image attached to the blog is a great reference for value of your renovations. I am a REALTOR of course, so I think of resale value all the time, for myself and my clients. As much as this renovation is for us, I have to always bare resale in mind. Its just what I do!
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A Valuable Guide to Kitchen Remodelling Costs my favourite read being that I am working on my kitchen

How long is that remodel going to take? – Which I must note comes from the National Association of Realtor in the United States of America. Sorry I couldn’t find a similar one for us Canadians.

Let the kitchen remodel BEGIN!


This Housing Alternative is Inspiring!

I work as full time as a Realtor in the ambitious city of Hamilton. In the little time I have been in the industry (in my 4th year now), I have seen the market change. Historically, we still have low interest rates, which is great for buyers coming into the marketplace. But buying a house is expensive and life can and usually must change to accommodate. I have many first time buyers who don’t want to over spend and fret over costs. As much as I try to ease their concerns, in all reality, a house is a money pit. You must get used to it. It is a joy to be a homeowner, but it comes with a price, frankly MONEY!

So, would you consider a dramatic alternative such as this 31yr old web design in America? I think this gentleman’s idea is fantastic! I find it inspiring! I love living in my 2.5 storey, 1921 build house, but I could also envision a simpler life as he has, where you can live simply, and debt free.

Therefore, I truly want to know if you would consider such a housing alternative? Read the article, view the photos and let me know what you think.


ATTN: Gen X & Gen Y Home Buyers

As per Zillow Blog, “According to a recent survey, people who belong to the Generation X and Generation Y demographics haven’t been deterred by the housing market downturn at all.”

Such a true fact. We have experienced a seller’s market for the past year and those buyers were largely composed of the X & Y Generation. Will it be a seller’s market again in the Hamilton/Burlington area? I am not sure as of yet, but the Zillow blog, despite having American content, does provide some great tips for Gen X & Gen Y buyers who are still looking at purchasing in 2013.

Read the tips for yourself (my favourite is obviously ‘Don’t assume you Don’t need a Real Estate Agent’!!!)

Tips for Gen X & Y Buyers